Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A New Perspective

2 Corinthians 2:14
Now thanks be to God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ.

From "My Utmost For His Highest:"
"The viewpoint of a worker for God must not be as near the highest as he can get, it must be the highest. Be careful to maintain strenuously God's point of view, it has to be done every day, bit by bit; don't think on the finite. No outside power can touch the viewpoint.

The viewpoint to maintain is that we are here for one purpose only, viz., to be captives in the train of Christ's triumphs. We are not in God's showroom, we are here to exhibit one thing - the absolute captivity of our lives to Jesus Christ. How small the other points of view are - I am standing alone battling for Jesus; I have to maintain the cause of Christ and hold this fort for Him. Paul says - I am in the train of a conqueror, and it does not matter what the difficulties are, I am always led in triumph. Is this idea being worked out practically in us? Paul's secret joy was that God took him, a red-handed rebel against Jesus Christ, and made him a captive, and now that is all he is here for. Paul's joy was to be a captive of the Lord, he had no other interest in heaven or in earth. It is a shameful thing for a Christian to talk about getting the victory. The Victor ought to have got us so completely that it is His victory all the time, and we are more than conquerors through Him.

"For we are unto God a sweet saviour of Christ." We are enwheeled with the odour of Jesus, and wherever we go we are a wonderful refreshment to God."

We are?

I am?

Did that passage just say I smell like Jesus?

Now you have to understand that a mother knows the scent of her child. Fathers do, too. How often have we seen it portrayed on TV that when a child dies, one of the first instincts of a grieving parent is to lift that child's pillow up, hug it and breathe in that scent? It brings comfort, somehow.

I am a wonderful refreshment to God?

My kids are a wonderful refreshment to me. I actually can get more done when they are home and in the way, than when they are not. When the kids are not home, I feel like something's missing. But when all four of my children are under one roof, there is a Peace that comes over me, even when all four of them decide to sing karaoke right outside my bedroom door at 7am on a Saturday. The sound of their laughter in unison stirs my soul and makes me feel like I'm doing something right because my kids love each other, which is rare among step-siblings.

Does God love me like that?

I need to take a moment and let that soak in. How much does changing our perspective of God's love for us then change who we are and what we want to become?

You see, I've been struggling with this whole "one foot in the world, one foot in the church" thing. I hate this world, and yet I feel the need to serve it. I feel the need to change it. I've been struggling, again, with what God's will for my life is. I want to know what I'm going to be when I grow up. I know what God has given me - the theatrical, musical and dance talents and a deep desire to educate others of the importance of diversity and social justice. Where do my God-given gifts, my deepest desires and the cause of Christ all intersect? It has to be a ministry, but it also has to pay the bills... or does it?

When I grasp the concept of God loving me - having the hairs on my head numbered, knowing my scent, it humbles me. I need only to praise God right now. I need only to stand in His glory, for His glory. I need only to let all those around me know that I am "captive to Christ."

It is when I stop the worrying and the fretting and the spinning of my wheels that God gives me words to write into a play, or a song, or this blog. My husband can tell you that I have never been able to write a play before, and the only thing I understand about music is the melody line played on a clarinet and the three-part harmony of an a cappella girl's group. But here I am, directing a Children's Musical that God put on my heart with the words and the songs coming from my pen. And suddenly, I know that, as Brother Jim preached the other Sunday, I'm walking in my Calling. I might not have a paycheck - yet. But the Lord has made me captive unto Him. He has blessed me with these gifts. I need only to continue to give Him the due praise. Now thanks be to God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ. 2 Cor. 2:14

Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me...
the Bible tells me so.