Sunday, April 30, 2006

Getting Personal

There's something that happens to an artist in the creation => production mode. When you're creating, there is an energy, an excitement. It keeps you looking toward the final product. When that final product is born into an arena -- be it a church, a theatre, a gallery or a book, or even an open mic night in a coffee shop, there is a moment when the butterflies churn in your stomach, a moment when you feel you will throw-up. There is a moment when you wish with all your might that you could pull your art back in, like a rope on a pulley.

I've struggled with this feeling for years. God has given me the gifts, the talents and the tools to do so much, but be it fear, self-doubt, or what have you, I have limited myself in the actual production of all that I've been given.

Two Sundays - Two Church Services - Two Prophecies. Both of them said, "In all things, acknowledge Him." So here I am. I will use this blog to put my art out there. I will use this blog to share my insights on the messages God is putting on my heart. I will not gag when I click on 'post'. I will seize the opportunity before me, knowing that this exercise is strengthening me. I covet your prayers, and will your individual posts.

So (glass of wine in my hand) To the arts and the artist within! May we each find that artist inside of each of us, and the strength and courage to make it grow. May we explore the gifts God has given us and put them to HIS GOOD WORK! May we create a community of encouragement, which all of us can use now and then.